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Welcome to InterStoreDB

A generic integration resource for genetic and genomic data

Crop to CodeInterStoreDB is a suite of closely linked web-based tools designed to assist researchers in navigating from phenotype to genotype.

The individual databases comprising InterStoreDB provide access to phenotypic traits, QTL and genetic maps with links to functional gene annotation and genomic sequence data. All databases provide access to various meta-data, data provenance and parameters used in analyses to allow users to confidently interpret associations identified between different genetic and genomic datasets. The interfaces to CropStoreDB, SeqStoreDB and AlignStoreDB have been designed with a common tabular structure to simplify browsing across the different databases.

The databases include: Together these databases provide a single resource for navigating the multiple biological domains and datasets involved in a forward genetics approach.

This has also been published in the following refereed paper
Love C.G., Andongabo A.E., Wang J., Carion P.W.C., Rawlings C.J., King G.J., InterStoreDB: A Generic Integration Resource for Genetic and Genomic Data.
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